The History

Established in 1989, Proeng Group S.A. is an original capixaba company. Throughout these 34 years of history, it has developed a continuous exercise for growth and solidification of its foundations. Its operations began in the field of Civil Engineering and now acts in other sectors: Engineering, Shopping Malls, Hotel Management, Holdings & Business Units.

Envisioned by its president, engineer and Master in Business Management, Lamberto Palombini Neto, Proeng Group S.A. is in the States of ES, RJ and GO, operating mainly throughout Greater Vitória and in the countryside of the State of Espírito Santo. It is currently one of the most prominent companies in the state.

In Rio de Janeiro, it has completed two developments located in Barra da Tijuca. It arrived in Goiás, in the city of Anápolis, with launches in commercial, residential and hospitality areas. Nowadays, it has completed more than 89 projects throughout the country.

Lamberto Palombini’s dream went much further and beyond borders. In 2016, Palombini established Proeng America. Based in the USA, it operates in the cities of Florida, New Jersey and Oklahoma, developing construction and renovation projects for residential properties.

Our Group

“It starts with a dream. Then, you believe in it and try to make other people believe in it with you”.

This is how the president and founder of Proeng Group, Lamberto Palombini Neto, defines the beginning of the Group’s 34-year history.

Throughout this journey, the Group became a benchmark in the real estate market in Espírito Santo and Goiás, strongly growing its business units in Brazil and expanding to the United States of America.


It stands out for its consistency, credibility and reference in the area of civil engineering. With a history of commitment in offering high-quality products, it builds residential and commercial projects with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Shopping Malls

The malls Shopping Jardins and Proeng Hall, in Jardim da Penha, Vitória, were build and are managed by the Group, being important shopping centers in the region providing services, stores, restaurants, coffee shops and a business tower.

Hotel Management

Responsible for building modern hotel developments in strategic regions. Currently manages 3 hotels, 2 in Espírito Santo and 1 in Goiás.

Holdings & Business Units

The Group has holdings in aparthotels, bank branches leasing, coworking, lots and other sectors.

Identity and Purpose

To provide the market with competitive products, through engineering projects that result to the satisfaction of our clients and collaborators.

To stand out in the civil construction and the real estate market in Espírito Santo, offering high-quality products, with strict delivery deadlines, in order to deliver dreams and contribute to the satisfaction our clients and collaborators.

• Standardize production processes and practice an effective quality control at every stage;
• Develop a system and a team that provide flexibility and agility in the face of the market and new technologies;
• Value offering clients products and services that are always compatible with their expectations;
• Ongoing improvement: be better than yesterday. Can I? I must. Can I? I must.




Proeng is born, envisioned by a bold and determined young man: Lamberto Palombini.


First BuildingsProeng completes and delivers the first projects: Puerto Varas || London Center || Golden Center


New HeadquartersProeng open the new headquarters in Praia do Canto: more modern and bolder.


ISO 9001 Certification• 2 nd Civil Engineering Company certified under ISO 9001
• In 10 years, more than 20 projects delivered


ExpansionExpansion of its activities to Rio de Janeiro: delivers the buildings Sun Coast and Residencial Vitória


35 projects deliveredIn 15 years, more than 35 projects delivered• 2 nd corporate development: Shopping Jardins


Ademi-ES AwardWins the Ademi-ES Award.
• Pioneer in the concept of delivering apartments with storage cabinets.


2 nd Ademi-ES AwardWins one more time the Ademi-ES Award.
• Turns 20 years old with more than 45 projects delivered.


Refurbishment of the headquarters.Refurbishment and expansion of the headquarters (elevator and private parking lot).


New Awards• Winner in 5 categories at the Ademi Award.
• Top 5 Safety Award (Real Estate category).


Social ProjectBeginning of the Growing Together Projects actions with internal and external activities, engaging the
community and the collaborators.


Safety AwardWins the Highest Safety – Top S Award.
• Proeng Group becomes S.A. (business corporation).
• Expands its activities to the North and Midwest: Anápolis, Goiás and Palmas, Tocantins.


Turns 25 years old.The Proeng Groups celebrates its 25 th anniversary.
• Launch of the 1 st development in the city of Anápolis, Goiás: London Hotel & Offices.
• 3 rd corporate development of the Group: Proeng Office.


Anápolis, GoiásLaunch of the 2 nd development in the city: London Eye Offices.
• Beginning of the campaign #IAmWithProeng (#EstouComaProeng).
• 4 th corporate building: Smart Offices


10 projects delivered.• Project #75 has been delivered: Hugo Amorim.
• 3 rd corporate development: Top Business


ISO 9001/2015• Update of the quality system to the new ISO 9001/2015.
• Launch of the building Myrthes Vieira, in Praia da Costa


Nobile HotelsPartnership with Nobile Hotels.
• Development of AD Hotels Hotel Management.
• Launch of the East Village Proeng Home: in Jardim da Penha.
• Contract signed with Unimed Vitória.
• Launch of the Village Park Residencial in Vila Velha


Proeng Group turns 30 years old.• Launch of the 1 st residential development in Anápolis: Ipiranga Park Residencial.
• 2 releases: Monteiro de Lemos and Vitória Shore.
• 5 deliveries: Ed. Antônio Gonçalves, Meridional Hotel, Offices e Mall, London Hotel e Offices, London Eye and
Offices, Address Praia do Canto


85 th Development• Delivery of the 85 th development: Ed. Myrthes Vieira.
• Launch of the 19 th development in Vila Velha: New Jersey Residence


3 deliveries
• Delivery of the 88 th development: Village Park Residencial.
• Delivery of the 87 th development: East Village Proeng Home.
• Delivery of the 86 th development: Monteiro de Lemos Proeng Home.
• Launch of the Alice Palombini Techno Home in Jardim Camburi.
• Launch of the Bal Harbour Residence in the Barro Vermelho district in Vitória.
• Launch of the Hudson River Residence in Jundiaí, Anápolis


Proeng Strong Currency
Beginning of the campaign: Proeng Strong Currency
• Launch of the Harmony Techno Home, in Praia de Itaparica.
• Delivery of the 89 th development: Vitória Shore Proeng Home
• Delivery of the 90 th development: Ipiranga Park Residencial

Awards and Achievements

With a well-established journey throughout 34 years and with an impressive record of 89 completed developments, all of them delivered on time, Proeng Group S.A. is a notable benchmark in its area. The stability of its performance is reflected in the recognition it has achieved over the years.

Acknowledged with such awards as Top of Business in 2004 and 2010, the company stands out for its quality and its excellence. In addition, being a finalist in many categories of the Ademi/ES Distinction Award and having its president, Lamberto Palombini Neto, awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, Proeng consolidates its spot in the industry.

Recently, Proeng delivered the first development with helipad in the city of Anápolis, Goiás, the London Eye Offices. It is a pioneer in the city with the application and execution of prestressed slabs, with a constructive technology offering a difference in its developments.